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Juried Shows

I see a lot of questions regarding juried art exhibitions- to enter or not to enter, and what to enter, and which ones to enter…  I thought I’d give my two cents on the issue.  Personally, I like them and think they can be a great opportunity, as long as you do your homework.

Be choosey.  If it’s a show in the middle of nowhere and juried by someone you’ve never heard of, pass it up.  Focus your efforts on the shows that matter most to you.

That said, if you are just starting out and need to build up some exhibition experience, it may be worthwhile as long as you are spending little to nothing on entry fees or shipping.

Where is the exhibit being held?  Look for a good venue, perhaps a space you’ve been interested in showing or maybe it’s a particular city of interest.

Who is the juror?  Is it someone you’ve been wanting to meet or you admire their work?

What are the fees?  Some juried shows have outrageous fees or some have high fees and require a high commission on top of that.  Look for those that strike a balance between fees and commission rates, if there is one.

Is the work insured?  If the venue does not automatically insure the work, you probably shouldn’t enter.  Good venues have insurance.  It’s just good business.

Shipping?  This will kill it for some people, but if you want to show your work, you’re going to have to pay shipping.  Find the safest, most economical way to ship your work.  This will take some research and will be different for everyone depending on how you pack it and what you pack, your location, and the shipping carrier, but once you determine this, you can use that info for all other aspects of your art business.

Stay away from vanity galleries.  I can’t stress this one enough.  Some vanity galleries hold “competitions” and will look for a way to sucker you in to paying them thousands of dollars for your own solo exhibition.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Focus on galleries and venues with solid reputations- yes, this means it will be harder to get in and the competition will be fierce, but they are legit.

Presentation is everything.  Make sure you follow all directions, dot your i’s and cross your t’s.  Submit your best work, make sure that if there is more than one entry, all works are consistent in style, technique, and content.  Remember, the juror is seeing this out of context- they don’t know the background behind the art.  What you are submitting needs to make sense to someone just getting a small peek inside your world.

Follow up.  If you get into a show or better yet, win an award, be sure to send out press releases to the local media.  There certainly isn’t enough art in the news, so take the opportunity to get your work featured.



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Art Melt 2012

I recently attended the Preview Party for the 2012 Art Melt at the Shaw Center for the Arts in Baton Rouge, LA.  My painting Survival of the Fittest was one of the works selected for the show by jurors Franklin Sirmans (Chief Curator, Los Angeles County Museum of Art); Ron Platt (Curator, Birmingham Museum of Art); and Thomas Neff (Artist and Professor of Art, LSU).  If you missed the Preview Party and the opening reception, no worries as the exhibit will be up through August 3rd.


Artist Amy Guidry with her painting "Survival of the Fittest" at the Shaw Center for the Arts
Artist Amy Guidry with Ron Platt, Curator, Birmingham Museum of Art, and Franklin Sirmans, Curator, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Installation view, Art Melt 2012, The Shaw Center for the Arts
The Shaw Center for the Arts, Baton Rouge, LA

These are just a few of the photos from the event.  View more here: http://www.amyguidry.com/events.html



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In the Eye of the Beholder

As you may recall, I posted earlier that I would be the juror for the Eye of the Beholder XXVI competition at the Lafayette Art Association.  I made my selections for the awards (note: you’ll have to wait until the reception to know the results- my lips are sealed) and upon writing my juror’s statement, I thought it might be helpful to those that enter or even attend such events to know what it is like from the other side.  First, I am an artist- I am usually the one submitting my work for judgement, be it a juried exhibition, an exhibition proposal to a gallery, or a portfolio review.  I’ve always had some semblance of what it must be like for a juror to sort through hundreds of entries, having to make tough calls, and break hearts.  Given the fact that I am an artist and know firsthand what it is like to be on the receiving end, I know how significant my choices are to the artists involved.  In some ways I think it may be harder for artists to serve as jurors simply because we know what it is like to subject ourselves to these critiques.  Some of the artists were complete beginners up against established artists.  Nevertheless, I remained as objective as possible and looked at each piece as an individual.  It was not easy given there were many strong works.  There were even significant works that did not receive an award.

After I made my selections, I felt good about the variety of work, in which my eclectic taste came in handy for once.  I would have loved to give everyone an award for their efforts and to acknowledge the merits of their work but at the same time, I wouldn’t want to diminish the awards for those pieces I felt were particularly strong.  It is a tough call, and I can say from experience that there are many factors involved in judging a show, some of which are completely out of the artist’s hands and are nothing against the work itself.  Sometimes the only difference between an award-winner and a non-award winning piece is an emotional response.  That doesn’t mean the work isn’t any good- it’s my response, therefore it will be different from person to person.

In the end, I hope that the artists know that they have all contributed to make a great exhibit.  I also hope that they continue to challenge themselves as well as aim for more exhibits and competitions.  And the take-away here is just because a piece isn’t selected doesn’t mean it should be taken out of rotation.  If it’s a work that you are fond of, keep submitting it for other opportunities.

If you would like to see the results and show your support for the artists, please attend the awards reception on August 19th from 4:30-6pm at the Lafayette Art Association on 1008 E. St. Mary Blvd.



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Art Melt

"Survival of the Fittest" by Amy Guidry; acrylic on canvas; 36"w x 18"h; (c) Amy Guidry 2012

Excited to announce that my work has been selected for the 2012 Art Melt.  The jurors for this year’s event are Franklin Sirmans (Terri and Michael Smooke Department Head and Curator of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art);  Ron Platt (Hugh Kaul Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Birmingham Museum of Art); and Thomas Neff (Artist and Professor, Louisiana State University).  The event will be held at the Shaw Center for the Arts in Baton Rouge, LA.  There will be a Preview Party in which awards and a jurors’ talk will be given on July 13th from 7-11pm.  The opening reception for the event will be held July 14th from 5-10pm and will remain open through August 3rd.



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"Fleeting" by Amy Guidry; acrylic on canvas; 8"w x 10"h; (c) Amy Guidry 2011

I wasn’t sure what to title this post other than “Chicago.”  I figured Chicago conjures up good things- the band, the musical, the city… so in this case Chicago conjures up another good thing- an exhibition!  I was waiting for the results of the 15th International Open at Woman Made Gallery in Chicago and received my notice the other day that my work was selected!  I’m excited to be included in this show as well as excited to be showing in Chicago for the first time.  I was honored to be one of the few chosen since only 33 works were chosen from 750 entered.  The juror for the exhibition is Linda Warren, director of Linda Warren Gallery in Chicago.  The show will open March 2nd, with a reception from 6-9pm and will be up through April 26th.

Selected artists are: Karen Appleton, Patti Bartelstein, Angelique Brickner, Cat Del Buono, Catherin Colaw, Renee Couture, Pat Dumas-Hudecki, Sebrina Fassbender, Alexandra Fritz, Amanda Greive, Amy Guidry, Zoe Hawk, Edith Hillinger, Ellen Holtzblatt, Aran Illingworth, Pamela Johnson, Kay Knight, Mie Kongo, Sioban Lombardi, Jennifer Moore, Anna Pamasa, Silvana LaCreta Ravena, Janet Roberts, Clare Rosean, Sausan Saulat, Carrie Schumacher, Soo Shin, Beverly Y. Smith, Allison Svoboda, Camille Swift, and Susan Smith Trees


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Jurors’ Choice Award

I recently attended the Preview Party and Awards Presentation for the 2011 Art Melt at the Louisiana State Museum in Baton Rouge, LA.  During the presentation, I was pleasantly surprised to see that as the very first award was presented, my painting “Trophy” suddenly flashed upon the screen.  I received the Jurors’ Choice Award in which juror Kelli Scott Kelley gave a talk about my work.  It was an honor just to be selected for the exhibition since these things can be tough to get into given the hundreds, sometimes thousands of entries juried competitions typically receive.  So imagine my surprise when my work was announced for an award.  And it gets better!  Later on, I was called upon again for an Honorable Mention (which, again, I am honored, though I am surprised that a work can receive more than one award).  All in all, it was a fun event and a great exhibit.  And even if you missed the opening, the show will be up through August 28th so there is still plenty of time.

Also of note- this is the first year that Art Melt is offering an exhibition catalogue.  The catalogue as well as the actual artwork are all available for purchase online at this link:  https://forum35.site-ym.com/store/view_product.asp?id=811134

To view more photos, visit www.AmyGuidry.com/events.html.

Art Melt 2011

"Trophy" by Amy Guidry; acrylic on canvas; 6" x 6"; (c) Amy Guidry 2011

After waiting for the (delayed) results, I’ve finally received word that my work was accepted into the upcoming Art Melt at the Louisiana State Museum in Baton Rouge, LA.  My painting “Trophy” (from my “In Our Veins” series) was selected.  The jurors for this year’s competition were Rachel Wolff (Brooklyn-based critic, writer, and editor); Benjamin Hickey (Curator, Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, LA); and Kelli Scott Kelley (Artist and Associate Professor of Painting, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA).

There will be a Preview Party on July 14th from 6:30-10pm in which there will be an open bar, food prepared by Heirloom Cuisine throughout the entire evening, and live performances by the band King James and the Special Men and Of Moving Colors dance troupe.  Tickets are available through www.ArtMelt.org.  The opening reception will be July 16th from 5-10pm and is open to the public.  The exhibit will be up through August 28th.

For a close-up view of “Trophy” as well as my other paintings, visit my website at this direct link: www.amyguidry.com/trophy.html.


"Renewal" by Amy Guidry; acrylic on canvas; (c) Amy Guidry 2011

I’ve received more good news recently- my work was selected for inclusion in the 54th Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art at the VACI (Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institution). The juror for the exhibit is Jim Kempner of the Jim Kempner Gallery in New York City. My painting “Renewal” from my New Realm series was selected and it is an acrylic on canvas, 48″ wide by 24″ high. The exhibition will take place in the Strohl Art Center of the Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institution in Chautauqua, New York. There will be an opening reception held on Sunday, June 26th from 3-5pm. The exhibit will remain on display through July 14, 2011.

To view more of my work, visit my website at www.AmyGuidry.com.

Goings On

"Untitled (Heads)" by Amy Guidry; (c) Amy Guidry 2010
"Untitled (Heads)" by Amy Guidry; (c) Amy Guidry 2010

Many probably view summer as a time for a break… eventually I may get to that point. I’ve been switching gears from one show to the next and have a few blog appearances. And I’ve sold two older works that were the “last of their kind,” so to speak. If you’ve been following along, you may recall that I’ve just wrapped up a show with the Schepis Museum. I have three more events coming up, though, and they are right around the corner. First, my work will be in the 2010 Art Melt in Baton Rouge, LA at the Louisiana State Museum (July 15th is the Preview show). Next up is the 30th Anniversary Exhibition at Wally Workman Gallery in Austin, TX (August 7th from 6-8pm). Then I will have work in the “Hot August Night” event at The Oak Street Gallery in Hammond, LA (August 20th from 6-10pm).

My work has recently been featured on several blogs and I recently did an interview for Innsmouth Free Press which will be up in August. Check out my work on Chainsaws and Jelly at http://www.chainsawsandjelly.com/2010/06/artist-amy-guidry.html and on One Surrealist a Day at http://onesurrealistaday.com/page/90 and Don’t Panic at http://sputniked.tumblr.com/post/704226904/untitled-heads. And be sure to check out my work on my website at www.AmyGuidry.com.

Creative Quarterly

"Untitled (Heads)" by Amy Guidry; (c) Amy Guidry 2010
"Untitled (Heads)" by Amy Guidry; (c) Amy Guidry 2010

I have some exciting news to share! My work was selected as a runner-up in the Creative Quarterly magazine’s CQ19 competition. This is the first time I’ve ever entered, so this was a nice surprise. Here’s their bio: “Creative Quarterly publishes the best work being done internationally in graphic design, illustration, photography and fine art. Published four times a year, we’re the only competition accepting entries from all parts of the globe.”

So as a runner-up my work will be featured on their website- www.cqjournal.com in June to coincide with the 19th issue on newsstands at that time. By the way, they picked my painting “Untitled (Heads)” as seen on the left. (Good thing, since that was the only piece I chose to enter!)  You can see a larger photo on my website www.AmyGuidry.com.

Here’s a list of all of the winners:

Fine Art: Professional
Marie Bukowski
Sonja Danowski
Barbara Duval*
Brent Funderburk*
William Grigsby*, Reactor Art & Design Ltd.
Jillian Ludwig
Andrew Myers
Bruce Roberts*
Kerstin Stephan

Fine Art: Student
Sean Larson, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Angela Young

Graphic Design: Professional
Matteo Bologna*, Mucca Deslgn Corp.
Andrew Byrom
Adrienne Hooker, Studio Wan-ker
Therese Joanis, Leibold Associates, Inc.
Buck Smith
Christine Strohl, The Strohls
Alex Trochut
Marius Valdes, Zoo Valdes
Rozina Vavetsi, Rozina Vavetsi
Karin Von Ompteda, A Work of Science

Graphic Design: Student
Jeffrey Carpenter, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Johnny Chang, Art Center College of Design
Jiyun Ha, Art Center College of Design
Wayne Tang, Art Center College of Design
Jou Ying Liu

Illustration: Professional
Leeay Aikawa
Vlad Alvarez
Scott Bakal
Hans Baltzer
Sonja Danowski
Felix Gephart
Beppe Giacobbe*
Robin Hursthouse
Carl Johanson
Esa Peltonen
Giselle Potter
Steven Tabbutt
Hui Tsai

Illustration: Student
Catherine Choi, California College of the Arts
Sam Wolfe Connelly, Savannah College of Art & Design
Barbara Graetzer, Fashion Institute of Technology
Tory Novikova, Pratt
Shigeko Okada, School of Visual Arts
Alexa Thoen, Minneapolis College of Art & Design
Christine Wu

Photography: Professional
Michael Alberstat, Alberstat Productions Inc.
Marti Belcher
David Ellingsen
Elwin Goh
Steffanie Halley
Jens Honore
Harold Lee Miller
Jes Schrom
Richard Tuschman, Richard Tuschman Images

CQ19: Runners-Up
Runners-up will be displayed on the online Gallery June 2010.

Fine Art: Professional: Runner Up
Paul Cooper
Kelli Craig
Barbara Duval*
Brent Funderburk
Amy Guidry
Chunghee Han
Anita Kunz
Roselyn Leibowitz
Wade Mickley
Jane Powers
Lucas Richards*, MouseSaw
Steven Tabbutt
Jaime Zollars

Fine Art: Student: Runner Up
Antony Anderson, Minnesota State University Moorhead
Abby Cline
Sean Larson, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Zach Nader
Cole Swavely, Massachusetts College of Art
Angela Young
Ina Yun, Cranbrook Academy of Art

Graphic Design: Professional: Runner Up
Phil Choo, Choo Renyer Ball Loftis
Allan Espiritu
Yongseuk Lee, Adhesive Art & Design
Jamie Burwell Mixon, Mixon Freelance
Kurt Munger, Interbrand
Buck Smith*
David Ter-Avanesyan, Ter33 Design

Graphic Design: Student: Runner Up
Sara Alway, Temple University/Tyler School of Art
Sean Barnes, Texas State University, San Marcos
Emanuel Cohen, Université du Québec à Montréal
Jiyun Ha, Art Center College of Design
Katie Hatz*, Temple University/Tyler School of Art
Elizabeth A Herrmann, Maryland Institute College of Art
Jee Won Kim, Art Center College of Design
Amanda Mocci, Université du Québec à Montréal
Francesca Staffieri, Montgomery County Community College
Cynthia Wiley, Iowa State University

Illustration: Professional: Runner Up
Timothy Banks
Pascale Carrington
Matthew Daley, Three in A Box, Inc.
Marcelo Garcia, Aparelho Produtor de Imagens
Felix Gephart
Michael Glenwood
Katrina Kopeloff
Jesse Kuhn
Keith MacLelland
Michael Marsicano
June Michel
Isaac Orloff
Zara Picken
Chris Riely
JungYeon Roh
Matt Rota
Morgan Schweitzer
Kerstin Stephan
Sara Tyson
Andrew Wright
Heidi Younger
Vincent Zawada
Daniel Zitka

Illustration: Student: Runner Up
Christian Castro, Fashion Institute of Technology
Marian Dilan, California College of the Arts
David Gonzalez, Fashion Institute of Technology
YooJin Guak, Ontario College of Art & Design
Nicole Jarecz, College for Creative Studies
Deena Pagliarello, Sheridan Institute
Christine Wu

Photography: Professional: Runner Up
John Abousief
Marti Belcher
Andy Bloxham
Jae Chung
Chris Koules
Jonas Kulikauskas
Harry Longstreet
Yshihiro Makino
Harold Lee Miller*
Jes Schrom
Brian Smale
Richard Tuschman, Richard Tuschman Images
Merrell Virgen, VSPOT Photography
Rachel Waller

Photography: Student: Runner Up
David Corso, Indiana University
Stephen Crimarco, University of Central Florida
Dan Elstone, Langara
Meghan Fischer
Nicole Gavrilles, Ringling College of Art & Design
Frederic Gosselin
Jessica Holcomb, Cal Poly Pomona
Ashley Matthews, Louisiana Tech University