Saturday Artwalk- Not One, But Two Shows!

"Anti-Aging" by Amy Guidry; 30"w x 24"h; acrylic on canvas

In an attempt to get my readers out there viewing my work in person, I want to inform you of two shows I will be in this Saturday.  As you may or may not know, this Saturday- May 10th- is the 2nd Saturday Artwalk in dowtown Lafayette.  In addition to the usual gallery openings, the AcA will unveil the Southern Open 2008, their juried exhibition featuring works from 5 Gulf states.  The show was juried by Peter Frank, an art historian and art critic, who frequently writes for LA Weekly.  There were over 770 entries and 105 works were selected.  One of my paintings, “Anti-Aging,” is featured in the exhibit. 

The opening reception starts at 6, in conjunction with the Artwalk.  Peter Frank will be in attendance and is scheduled to give out awards at 7pm.  I will definitely be at the exhibit, so feel free to say hi or offer me some free porn or acne medication as do my spam fans. 

"New Realm" by Amy Guidry; SOLD; acrylic on 100-yr. old ceiling tile

Also scheduled during the Artwalk is the Heymann Historic Ceiling Tile Project and Exhibit.  The exhibit will take place at Galerie Lafayette (located in Jefferson Street Market).  My tile, “New Realm,” will be on display.  My tile has actually already sold, but its new owner has graciously obliged to leave the tile up for the exhibit before it is shipped to its new home in Montana.  So this will be my last chance to say goodbye, and your final opportunity to see my work in person. 

I will be running back and forth between the shows and checking out the other gallery openings while I am there.  Please stop by!  Artwalk is from 6-8ish, depending on the crowds.  You can see for yourself why so many people say my work looks even better in person. 


Too Shy Shy, Hush Hush, Eye to Eye

"Complacent" by Amy Guidry; SOLD

Yes, for all of you fellow music hounds, that is from a Kajagoogoo song.  My title refers to all you shy (?) readers out there that have not left any comments or questions for me.  Don’t be shy!  What thoughts do you have concerning art- be it mine or others?  Do you have any questions?  What’s on your mind in regards to current art trends or the art market?  Let’s get a discussion going here.  I’m providing my insight on this blog, but if there’s a certain issue you’d like to get my perspective on, let me know.

For instance, one question that I seem to get a lot is how I come up with ideas for my artwork.  I think nothing of it, but perhaps this is a tough issue for other artists or maybe they’re just curious about my thought process.  To answer the question, I generally sketch tons of ideas out and pick and choose what I want to bring to fruition.  Usually once I start, I then decide on the direction I want to go in so I can create a cohesive body of work.  This means that a lot of ideas are put on the backburner.  However, I eventually get back to them and use them as is or develop them a bit further.  I used to not sketch out every idea, which was a big mistake because I know from experience that what may have seemed like a stupid concept at the time is actually a great idea.

Never throw out your sketches.  Maybe that’s the packrat in me talking, but some of my best paintings are from ideas that I almost abandoned.  Maybe they are not meant to be used at that time and will be appropriate later.  Or maybe you just need some space so that when you return to those ideas, you can work on them with a clear head.  Sometimes I have the idea, but I try working it out in different ways (all pointing in the same direction, just a different handling) so that I have several variations to choose from. 

So I think that answers the question.  If you have any others, please feel free to share them with me.  Even if it’s just to ask who’s Kajagoogoo.

It’s Finally Here!

Cover of the premier issue of Studio Visit MagazineThe premier issue of Studio Visit Magazine has arrived…finally!  After a three month delay, the copies I had pre-ordered arrived on my doorstep.  My paintings “Out For a Run” and “Girl on Campus” were selected by juror Michael Lash, former director of the public art program for the City of Chicago.  As I had stated a few posts ago, this is the first issue of Studio Visit, a new magazine produced by The Open Studios Press of New American Paintings fame.  This time the competition was held across the country, not by region, and the work could be 2-D or 3-D, as opposed to ‘NAP’s’ 2-D-work-only policy. 

I have yet to venture out to the bookstore, but Studio Visit should be on the magazine racks by now.  There are two volumes since they decided not to make one super-huge issue.  I think splitting it in two is good for those with a short attention span anyway.  I am featured in Volume I (see photos above).  What’s nice is they are in a large paperback format, so it’s not so much a magazine as a good quality paperback.  Overall I was impressed with the work featured.  Of course there were a few I had to scratch my head over, but that’s to be expected.  In general, I think this is a great start for a new publication.  And might I also add that this is being sent out to their prestigious list of galleries, museums, and collectors.

My paintings \"Out For a Run\" and \"Girl on Campus\" were selectedI had also contacted one of the writers for the Times of Acadiana about this boon to our local art community.  Ashley Flanagan wrote a great piece concerning Studio Visit and the five Acadiana artists featured.  You can read it online at  I will also be posting photos online from my spread in Studio Visit on my website so be sure to look for those soon.

I Want My MTV

Copyright Amy Guidry 2008Be sure to tune in to the Real World Hollywood (Season 20- yes, it’s on now).  Not that I’m a reality tv buff, but I want you to watch and look for my painting on the wall in their house, er, set.  (They live on a movie set this season…hey, it’s Hollywood.)  I’ve only seen a few snippits online, but I’ve already spotted my painting many times.  It’s fun to look for it.  You should try it.  It’s kind of like Where’s Waldo, except without the striped shirt.  (Try guy in a canoe in the middle of the ocean wearing a blue dress shirt.) 

It’s right outside their “telephone room” which has a window, so sometimes you can even see it from in there.  And apparently the bathroom is across from there because I’ve also seen it in the reflection of the mirror.  And if you go to their “dailies” week 2, check out the clip of Dave shaving because my painting is in the background.  That’s if you notice it after noticing Dave has no clothes on…

\So maybe if you would like to spare yourself the drama on that show, you could just mute it and see how many times you spot my painting.  The painting is titled “United Isolation” and you can see a detailed view of it on my website  For the record, there was another painting they wanted- “Complacent”- but that was already in an exhibit at the Alexandria Museum of Art during filming. 


Art to the Rescue!

After watching the housing market plummet and the U.S. dollar go down in value, one wonders what (or if) they should invest in anything.  Well, one thought is the art market.  Hmm.  Yes, what a concept.  Here is something that, provided you don’t just stick it in your shed somewhere, will actually go up in value.  That is a fact.  “Good” artwork will always go up in value.  Now, I am not talking about “decorative” art that has no function or meaning to it other than serving as a home improvement object.  I am talking about investment pieces.  And certainly NOT prints.  For some reason, people think mass-produced ink-jet printouts of work are worth something, when they are not original works of art.  You cannot retire on those.  However, you can retire on art.  In fact, many people invest in a piece for a mere 1 or 2 thousand dollars, (yes, that is relatively inexpensive for something you can live off of!!) and get 10 times as much at auction.  If you are smart, and do your research, you can not only enjoy a piece of art in your home but you can put little Jimmy through college with that piece if you so choose.  Here’s an investment that you can actually enjoy, you can see it, and it’s not locked away in some bank.  And it won’t lose value.  Real estate can’t do that. 

Show Updates, etc.

"Release" by Amy Guidry; acrylic on canvas; 36"w x 48"h

My New Realm series will be on display at the Zigler Museum in Jennings, LA from March 15th through May 10th. An artist’s reception will be held on March 29th from 6-8pm.

Currently my auction piece for the Heymann Historic Ceiling Tile Project & Exhibit is on display at Gallery 912 in the Oil Center in Lafayette, LA. This is a traveling exhibition which will be at the Big Easel event in River Ranch this coming April. More details to follow.

You can view photos from the Heymann Historic Ceiling Tile Exhibit opening reception and my recent solo show at the AcA at Thanks to everyone who attended!

My New Realm series will be featured at the Jennifer Marie Gallery in Las Vegas, NV. The solo exhibition will be on display this August.

Studio Visit Magazine’s feature on my work will be out this month. It will be available at major bookstores such as Barnes & Noble. Be sure to check it out.

The Times of Acadiana did a great interview about my New Realm series. The issue is no longer available, but you can read the article at

You can now order Art Buzz The 2008 Collection direct from MidAmercia Publishing Company. Go to to order. I was selected as their First Place winner in acrylic painting.

I was recently been selected for inclusion in Marquis Who’s Who of American Women. My biographical information has also been updated in Marquis Whos’ Who in the World for the upcoming 26th edition.

Be on the lookout for my interview with Randall Mann on Cox 4 Acadiana. It should air sometime next week and will be on intermittently between later segments. The interview took place at the AcA and features my New Realm series.

Upcoming Exhibit

I have a three-person exhibition coming up at the Zigler Museum in Jennings, LA this month.  The show opens March 15th, 2008 and there will be an artists’ reception on March 29th from 6-8 pm.  The work I have on display is from my New Realm series.  For anyone who missed my show at the Acadiana Center for the Arts, this is their chance to finally see my new work in person.  Photos just don’t do the work justice and people comment on how different it is to see the work up close.  So please don’t miss out on this opportunity! 

Discussion of New Realm by Amy Guidry

This is my first official blog, so I guess an introduction is in order. My name is Amy Guidry. I’m a professional artist in Lafayette, Louisiana. To spare you from all the biographical details of my life, you can simply go to my website to read all about my work and accomplishments. I wanted to write a blog because there’s a lot about my work and the inner workings of the art world that I would like to discuss, but don’t exactly have the opportunity to do so on my website. I hope that this will lead to viewers’ interest and participation.

So to start, one topic that comes up often concerns my recent series, “New Realm.” People often ask me what the series is about, which I assume is because they bypassed my artist statement hanging on the gallery wall, but for those who are still wondering… The series is my take on fairy tales, but with a modern twist. Instead of portraying the woman in the series as a damsel in distress, she is the heroine. Taking on her challenges and proving herself to be independent and courageous. I wanted to approach this work from a, dare I say the f-word…feminist…standpoint. And by feminist, I don’t mean that I am some sort of man-hating, bra-burning femi-nazi, I mean that for once, I would like to see a story portray a woman as the hero. Let me clarify that by adding it should be believable, too. Yes, I am aware that women can be the hero in many stories, but often they are seen wearing little more than a bikini and a machine gun. My hero is fully-clothed, thank you, and in control (no weapons necessary). Her mental and emotional strengths are the only weapons needed.

“My” fairy tale takes place throughout the body of work. While there is a beginning and ending of sorts, the rest of the story can be viewed in no particular order or on an individual basis. The premise of the story can be found in each painting since the overall theme carries throughout.

I should wrap this up before my blog becomes a novel. I welcome anyone’s thoughts on this or other art topics of interest. You can respond to this blog or if you’d rather not let the world read your message, you can email me at mail [at] amyguidry [dot] com.

Comments and Discussion from artist Amy Guidry