“Succession” by Amy Guidry; acrylic on canvas; 6″w x 12″h; SOLD; (c) Amy Guidry 2012

I’ve just finished another painting in the In Our Veins series while simultaneously working on my painting One for The Great West Coast Migration exhibit.  This painting is titled Succession and is 6″ wide by 12″ high, acrylic on canvas.  It just arrived at Wally Workman Gallery in Austin, TX the other day and will be included in their upcoming show, 100 Degrees, starting August 4th through September 1st.  When working on this piece, I was thinking of orders- biological orders, our need for order, hierarchy.  The human skull at the bottom leads up to larger animals and butterflies, illustrating how new life grows and is sustained by dead organisms.  The horse and the rose at the top- though I took artistic liberty with the rose- utilize their placement and size to emphasize their importance.  While humans may be the more dominant species, I wanted to focus on the significance and the role of other species in nature.

View the painting online here:  You can also see it in person at Wally Workman Gallery in Austin, TX during the 100 Degrees Preview Party on August 2nd from 6-8pm and during the opening reception August 4th from 6-8pm.


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