“One” by Amy Guidry; acrylic on canvas; 6″x 6″; SOLD; (c) Amy Guidry 2012

Finally finished!  I’ve just completed my painting for The Great West Coast Migration traveling exhibition.  The title is One and it is an acrylic on canvas, 6″ x 6.”  The exhibition is organized by PangeaSeed and will benefit sharks and oceans in Japan and abroad.  Given that so many sharks are killed for their fins (a delicacy in Japan and China), this cause was of particular interest to me not only as an artist but as a vegan as well.  People often think of sharks as vicious predators, (thanks, Media!) when in fact, they do not seek out humans and only a small percentage of shark attacks occur each year.  I wanted to focus on them as being part of this world and just as significant as the rest of us.  I combined the human faces with the shark body to illustrate them as one, or equals.  The shark body floats in the air, in keeping with many of my other paintings, but also mimicking the hunted, hanging sharks I so often see.  Such a simple title- One– and such a simple concept, yet we still struggle to see our planet as something to share rather than dominate.

The exhibition will begin this summer at the following galleries:

Seattle – Roq la Rue Gallery- July 13-15
Portland – Grass Hut Co.- July 20-22
San Francisco – Spoke Art Gallery- July 27-28
Los Angeles – LeBasse Project- August 2-4
Costa Mesa – The Artery- August 10-12
San Diego – Space 4 Art- August 17-19


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