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Movie Feature

"When Angels Sing" by Turk Pipkin

If you follow my Facebook page, you may know some of this news already, but I haven’t posted about it here yet.  One of my paintings was used for the filming of a book-turned-movie titled “When Angels Sing.”  The painting that will be featured is “Wisdom” from my “New Realm” series, which you can view here: www.AmyGuidry.com/Wisdom.html.  I’m extremely honored to have my work included in this film.

“When Angels Sing” is based on the book by Turk Pipkin and is directed by Tim McCanlies. The film will star Connie Britton, Harry Connick Jr., Kris Kristofferson, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson, Turk Pipkin, Frankie Jonas, Chandler Canterbury, and Fionnula Flanagan. Musician appearances include Sara Hickman and the Jonas Brothers. Filming has already wrapped up and the movie is scheduled to be out this holiday season 2011.

Leaving Las Vegas

"Wisdom" by Amy Guidry; Copyright Amy Guidry 2008.

Well, not quite. But it will be soon. My solo exhibition at Henri & Odette in Las Vegas, NV will be ending on October 22nd. This means you have about a week to get your booty over there if you haven’t already. If you’ve ever wondered what my work looks like in person, this is your opportunity. I can’t stress enough how the web, despite its greatness, just doesn’t do artwork justice. Not mine, not anybody’s. Just as thumbing through an art history book is not the same as going to an art museum, neither is perusing the internet. You can stare at those pixels all you want, it’s just not the same. And there’s no gallery ambience to go with it, either.

You can view my show, New Realm, at Henri & Odette. It’s located on Carson Avenue between Las Vegas Boulevard and Sixth Street. In Las Vegas, of course. And if you’d like to see more of my work, go to www.AmyGuidry.com. While you’re there, you should sign up for my newsletter (see contact page) to get the latest details on my upcoming shows, new work, etc.

Gallery Representation

"Wisdom" by Amy Guidry; From the New Realm series. Copyright Amy Guidry 2008

Well, I did not post anything last week given I was in Austin recently.  I had planned a trip anyway, but while I was there I brought my work to Wally Workman Gallery.  They are now representing me in Austin, TX.  I’m thrilled because some of the artists I admire show there, and it’s just a nice space.  So I’m in really good company, and happy to have my work in their venue.  You can check out my work on their website at http://www.wallyworkmangallery.com/amy_guidry.lasso.  In addition, my entire body of work can be seen on my website, www.AmyGuidry.com.    

The painting featured in this post is titled “Wisdom.”  This is one of the pieces currently at Wally Workman Gallery.  It is one of the newest pieces from my New Realm series.  The title is in reference to the wisdom that is gained from life experiences and journeys.  The butterflies and feathers above the stag’s head symbolize thought and creativity.  Hence the woman taking the butterfly, thus taking wisdom.