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VegStock Vegan Music Festival

“Vestige” by Amy Guidry; Acrylic on canvas; 12″ x 12″; (c) Amy Guidry 2017

My paintings will be part of an art exhibition (via TV screens) during Vegstock Vegan Music Festival in London. The event takes place January 20th, 2019. My painting Vestige is one of the paintings to be included. For tickets and the musical lineup for the festival visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/vegstock-sessions-tickets-52888142859.


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Vegan Lifestyle Magazine

Vegan Lifestyle Magazine issue 42, 2017

“Encroach” by Amy Guidry; Acrylic on canvas; 6″ x 6″; SOLD; (c) Amy Guidry 2017

“On the Rise” by Amy Guidry; acrylic on canvas; 10″w x 20″h; (c) Amy Guidry 2017

“Shelter” by Amy Guidry; Acrylic on canvas; 10″ x 10″; (c) Amy Guidry 2017

I’m happy to announce that my work is featured in the current issue of Vegan Lifestyle Magazine based out of the UK.   Several paintings from my In Our Veins series are featured alongside the article.  Issue 42 is available for download at: http://www.veganlifestylemagazine.com/.


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Beautiful Crime

The UK contemporary art news site Beautiful Crime recently did a Spotlight feature on my latest body of work, In Our Veins.  Editor Ruthie Holloway said of my work, “Balancing on the edge of both photorealism and pop surrealism, American artist, Amy Guidry paints nature with an intricate hand and an inventive mind. Drawing on various influential subject matter as varied as dreams and C.S. Lewis novel characters, Guidry’s world of strange, human-like and captivating characters of animals lends the viewer an unusual insight in to her surrealist yet photorealist painted world – check out the skeletal characters contrasted with the intricately painted rock formations as testament.”  Many paintings from the series are featured which you can read about here: http://beautifulcrime.com/contemporary-art/spotlight-surrealist-painter-amy-guidry.

Beautiful Crime- Spotlight: Surrealist Painter, Amy Guidry; July 2012



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The Greatest Show on Earth

"Get Your Popcorn! Peanuts! Cruelty!" by Amy Guidry; Copyright Amy Guidry 2008

Well here’s a sneak peek for all my blog fans (hopefully there are a lot of those…).  I was invited to participate in a show for A Bitchin’ Space in Sacramento, California.  The theme was right up my alley.  Maybe [Gale Hart] figured this out by viewing some of my social commentary pieces, but somehow they knew to ask me if I’d like to do a piece for “The Circus Show and Other Atrocities.”  I jumped at the chance since, as a vegan and quasi animal rescue organization (I’ve taken in a lot of homeless animals over the years…), I detest the circus and its treatment of animals.  Soooo, this leads to my latest creation- “Get Your Popcorn!  Peanuts!  Cruelty!”

I toiled over my sketchbook forever coming up with the perfect idea for this show.  I wanted to convey the circus’s cruelty without being gratuitous, either.  I kept thinking of the old animal cracker box I used to get as a kid, the one by Nabisco that came with a string on top of the box to reuse (?) as a Christmas ornament (?).  Then finally I decided to go with that theme, but Amy-ize it with my own sarcastic flavor.  Hence the animals with giant bites taken out of them, and the re-wording of the brand name and description.

So that’s it!  Your official sneak peek at my work.  It’s not even on my website yet (but it will be soon), so in the meantime, check out my other work- www.AmyGuidry.com.  My other social commentary pieces can also be seen in my Painting section of the website.

As for the greatest show on earth, well, obviously I’m not referring to the circus.  The show is “The Circus Show and Other Atrocities” and will open on September 13th at A Bitchin’ Space.  If you can’t make it then, my work and the other 99 artists’ works will still be on display until October 11th.  And yes, this show is the best on earth because it includes artists from the US, UK, and Canada.  You can find the gallery at 2114 19th Street in downtown Sacramento.  You can check out their website at www.abitchinspace.com.