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Love & Sharks

Design by PangeaSeed Creative Director - Aaron Glasson (Rah Akaishi)

I have recently been invited to participate in The Great West Coast Migration, a touring art exhibition, organized by PangeaSeed in an effort to benefit sharks and oceans in Japan and beyond.  According to PangeaSeed, “We are very excited to showcase a robust fund-raising art collection featuring works contributed by more than 100 internationally renowned artists, graphic designers, filmmakers and photographers. Almost all of our globally-based artist friends will be premiering their works for the first time ever in the United States. Also a percentage of the proceeds from the summer exhibitions will also help in aiding the startup of PangeaSeed’s inaugural west coast chapter whose mission and efforts will help further fundraising to keep sharks afloat on the west coast and around the world.”

The exhibition tour will take place at the following:

Seattle – Roq la Rue Gallery- July 13-15
Portland – Grass Hut Co.- July 20-22
San Francisco – Spoke Art Gallery- July 27-28
Los Angeles – LeBasse Project- August 2-4
Costa Mesa – The Artery- August 10-12
San Diego – Space 4 Art- August 17-19

Participating artists include: Dave Kinsey, Mike Stilkey, Brad Klausen, Yoram Benz, Skinner, Gale Hart, Shark Toof, Bwana Spoons, Craig Tapecat McCudden, Bigfoot, Danny Miller, Rah Akaishi, Justin Lovato, Lindsey Carr, Serge Gay Jr., Brett Amory, Robert Bowen, Ryan Maguire, MCA, Mario Wagner, John Fellows, Ronzo, Sylvia Ji, Toshikazu Nozaka, Michael Alm, Lindsey Way, Remo Camerota,  Cometdebris (Koji Harmon), Gargamel, Blunt Graffix (Matt Dye), Samuel Rodriguez, Aaron De La Cruz, Ben Tour, Linnea Strid, Crajes, Becky and Louise, Max Dalton, Olek, Caitlin Hackett, Derek Nobbs, Jeni Yang, Scott Belcastro, Yoh Nagao, Joshua Petker, Flick Ford,  Lisa Congdon, Josie Morway, Luciano Scherer, Scott Hove, Tati Suarez, Tugboat Printers, Victor Castillo, Peap Tarr, Meg Adamson, SHERYO, Aidan Monahan, The Yok, Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Cinzah Merkins, Nao Harada, Sage Vaughn, Adam Wallacavage, Erik Otto, Mr. Jango, P Williams, Morgan Slade, Jasper Wong, Flavien Demarigny, Laura Ball, Courtney Mattison, La Pandilla, Sam Rulz, Casey Grey, Greg Simkins, Jim Phillips, Nathan Spoor, Kid Creature,  Ransom and Mitchell, Cupco (Luke Temby), Kelly Allen, Sean Tuttle, Amy Guidry, Kozyndan, Rhys Cooper, John Stuart Berger, Bruce Gossett, Sandra Cappelletti, Michael King, Carbon, Kim Scott, Ashley Suzanne Taylor, Mika Tenekoon, Pascal Lecocq, APAK, Asher Jay, Trip Airways, Kaoru Sakai, Jim Mazza, Winnie McDonald, Rob Mack, Jeremy Pruitt, Rick Rietveld, Ben Brough, Caspian de Looze, Nathan Paul Gibbs, Thaddeus Strode, Paul Kaiju, Le Merde, Vexta, Kool Kid Kreyola, Foerdl Scheichenost

I’ll be posting my finished piece for the exhibit here (and the links below) so be on the lookout.



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