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“Hope” by Amy Guidry; Acrylic on canvas; 4″w x 6″h; SOLD; (c) Amy Guidry 2018

I was recently invited to create a piece for the upcoming “Ho’olaule’a” exhibition opening at Cactus Gallery in Los Angeles.  The exhibit celebrates endangered species (Ho’olaule’a is Hawaiian for celebration), and I chose to paint the Ethiopian wolf.  Ethiopian wolves are the only wolf found in Africa.  They are the rarest species of dog in the world and the rarest carnivore in Africa.  There are less than 450 left in the wild.  They live in close-knit packs of 3-13 adults, but unusually for wolves, they hunt alone.  One of their biggest threats comes from habitat loss due to agriculture.

The title of my painting is Hope and it is an acrylic on canvas, 4″ wide by 6″ high.  The human third eye refers to our connection with nature: the we see ourselves in animals as well as seeing the world through their eyes.  The rainbow is a symbol of hope, hence the title, and serves to inspire us all to keep working towards a better future for all of nature.

The “Ho’olaule’a” exhibition opens this Saturday, May 12th, 6-9pm and will remain up through June 2nd.  More details here: https://cactusgalleryla.com/.  For pre-sales, contact Sandra at sandra@cactusgalleryla.com.


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