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Approaching a Gallery (in a few easy steps)

Amy Guidry's painting "Food or Pet? How Do You Decide", Wally Workman Gallery, Austin, TX
Amy Guidry's painting "Food or Pet? How Do You Decide", Wally Workman Gallery, Austin, TX

First, check out galleries that you think may like your work. You should never just blindly send out your portfolio, resume, what have you to a gallery without determining if they’re the right fit. And this should go without saying, but be sure that they are a gallery! Attend openings, meet curators, dealers, gallery owners and directors. If you can’t physically make it to a gallery, at the very least, you should check out their space online. Get to know the artists that they show. Can you see your work fitting in with a group exhibit of these artists?

Once you’ve determined which gallery or galleries you are interested in, you should prepare your presentation. These days, email is so common (sometimes it’s preferred) that I think it is okay to submit your work via email. However, if a gallery has a submissions policy, be sure to abide by that. If not, they’ll toss your work in the trash. If the submissions policy is not a clearly stated link on their website, try looking under the Contact Us page. If there is absolutely no information, contact the gallery for their guidelines.

Whether you submit your work via email or postal mail, be sure that your presentation is professional. First, get the name of the person you need to contact. Whether it’s the director, the curator, or the manager, find out their name. I know from personal experience, many just blindly send an email without even acknowledging my name. Why would I want to show their work (again, I’m not a gallery, but let’s pretend for a second) if they don’t even know who I am? So find out their name. Google it, ask someone, or contact the gallery itself- just find out!

The rest is easy. This is where you should put together your bio and/or resume, portfolio, and any other relevant information. You should have all of these at your fingertips already, but if not, now is the time to start. Make sure that all of your information and images are up to date. And be sure to spell check. It’s the little things that matter, so be sure to dot your i’s and cross your t’s.

If you send your information via email, be sure to use small image files. If you load down their inbox, they won’t be happy or they may not even receive your information at all. It could bounce or end up in a spam filter. So keep it small- 4MB total is best.

Sounds simple, and it really is if you keep everything up to date. Again, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. www.AmyGuidry.com