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Better Late Than Never

"Untitled" by Amy Guidry; (C) Amy Guidry 2009

It’s late for me this evening, but I realized after slaving over a three-layer tofu cheesecake that I hadn’t posted on my blog! Soooo I decided to go ahead and give you fine folks a peek at what I’m currently working on. Normally I like to wait until a piece is finished, but this one is close enough, I figure why not. It’s Thanksgiving after all. Though this isn’t what I’d consider a festive painting… This is one of the most surreal pieces I’ve done so far. I’ve taken an approach more in keeping with that of the original Surrealist movement by using images from dreams (or in that twilight phase of sleep). I don’t have a title for this piece yet, but I’m thinking I might leave it that way. So right now I’m just referring to it as “the painting with the horse and the carcass in the desert…” (I think it’s catchy.  Haha) I’ll be posting it to my website soon, as well as other new pieces I have in the works, so be sure to check back!  www.AmyGuidry.com