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Serendipity and Collecting Art

From my own art collection: Totem by Donald LeBlanc; acrylic on wood

I recently became the proud owner of one of local artist Donald LeBlanc’s totems.  It’s from a collection of wooden totems he produced- I believe this one is #4 (?) from 2010.  Needless to say, I love the piece.  While in the gallery, I did not immediately know where I was going to put it, but I knew I’d find a spot.  Keep in mind my home is currently in transition and many rooms have yet to be painted.  I quickly discovered that I had many possibilities for this sculpture.  With five colors in it, I found that either one or several colors were a perfect or close enough match to existing colors elsewhere in the decor.  The fact that it is wooden also works with an existing collection of wooden folk art objects that I own.  Even the size allows for many possibilities because it’s roughly 7 inches tall (just guessing off the top of my head). Not to mention that once all the walls are painted to more neutral and muted colors, it will allow for even more options.  After moving the piece to various locations, I finally settled on the bedroom.  It just so happens that my accent wall is similar enough to the base of the piece that it works.

I titled this post ‘serendipity,’ but really, when it comes down to it, there is no accidental good fortune involved.  We are visual creatures.  We respond in different ways to various colors or patterns and will gravitate to particular ones.  Take a look in your closet or in your home and you will find that there are certain textures, colors, and/or patterns that tend to repeat themselves.  Which is why when you are drawn to a particular work of art, what attracts you to it is probably the same thing that attracts you to other aspects of your life.  So the real question is not whether a work of art matches your sofa, but whether or not it matches your life and desires.  Does it evoke the feelings you wish to have when you walk in that room?  Does it bring you joy?  Maybe it reminds you of a pleasant memory.  That sofa you have may be comfortable, but it doesn’t carry the emotional weight of a work of art.  And eventually your sofa will need to be replaced- that work of art will be in your home and that of future generations forever.  Don’t worry about whether it matches.  It will.  If a work of art speaks to you, you can’t possibly ignore it.  It was meant to be.



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