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On the Other Side of the Easel

Artist Scott Hamilton's (Artboy68) miniature portrait of me

I found out yesterday that artist Scott Hamilton (aka Artboy68) had completed a miniature portrait of me as part of his project to complete 100 portraits in 20 weeks.  Not only does it look like me, but it’s only 2 3/8 inches square!  I work small, but not that small!  And he did this just by using my Gravatar image (which you can see just about everywhere on this site).  Amazing…  Perhaps he works under a microscope?  I’ve included a screen grab but be sure to check out the portrait (it’s #75) as well as the rest of his work here: http://artboy68project.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/75-amyguidryartist/.  BTW, he already has plenty of subjects to reach 100, however, you can still enter to win a larger acrylic painting as number 100!