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From my collection

I recently got another piece to add to my own art collection.  This one is by Alli Bratt, a fellow vegan artist in Portland, called In, Out, and Upside Down.  It’s an acrylic and watercolor on wood, 1 7/8″wide x 11 5/8″high.  As a vegan myself, I especially want to support other vegans and as an artist, I want to support those that are also artists all the while enjoying my new purchase.  I have yet to put it in its “official” spot, as I have big plans to paint walls and arrange other works with it, but I’ve posted a photo of the painting which you can view below.  And you can check out more of Alli’s work on her website: http://allisonjbratt.com/.

"In, Out, & Upside Down" by Alli Bratt; watercolor and acrylic on wood; (c) and photo courtesy Alli Bratt 2012



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