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“Invasive Species” by Amy Guidry; Acrylic on canvas; 20″w x 10″h; (c) Amy Guidry 2018
Detail of “Invasive Species” by Amy Guidry; Acrylic on canvas; 20″w x 10″h; (c) Amy Guidry 2018

The latest painting in my In Our Veins series is now online.  The title is Invasive Species and it is an acrylic on canvas, 20” wide by 10” high.  There is no shortage of fast food establishments: they are everywhere, all over the world, sometimes multiples on the same block.  While these businesses are taking over natural habitat, there are an inordinate number of species going extinct or listed as endangered everyday.  The dodo bird is the unfortunate mascot of extinction, which is why I chose him to be the subject of this painting.  There are more McDonald’s in the world than there are endangered species.  The fact that dodos were literally eaten to extinction by Dutch explorers adds another layer of symbolism.  While we have an overabundance of fast food places, many species such as the right whale and polar bear are dying off due to a lack of food.  This painting serves as not only a reminder of the plight of the dodo but also for the prioritization of endangered species and natural habitat.  You can view the painting online here:

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