"Complacent" by Amy Guidry
"Complacent" by Amy Guidry

Upon the start of the Surreal Salon exhibit at the Baton Rouge Gallery Center for Contemporary Art, my painting “Complacent” has sold. The exhibit will be up through the 28th of January, so if you haven’t seen this piece in person, now is your last chance. It’s fairly large- 48″ across by 24″ high, so there’s a lot that can’t be captured in a jpeg on the internet. This painting was an image that came to me, but I sketched it out and waited to use it later when the time was right. It fit perfectly with the social commentary series I was working on at that time.

Also of note, Robin Miller’s recent article in The Advocate (the Baton Rouge, LA newspaper) about the Surreal Salon. My painting was also featured with the article, so I was happy to find that out as well. You can read it under the Press Section of my website at

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