Apocalypse Now

“Apocalypse Now- Amy Guidry’s Art Speaks of Her Fears for the Planet” by Patricia Gannon, The Advocate, April 2017

I’m happy to be able to announce that an interview I did with The Advocate is out now.  Patricia Gannon wrote the feature discussing my current series, In Our Veins, and the message behind it.  I’m going to quote myself right now, but I think it’s an important point to get across: “We’re capable of destruction but also absolutely amazing things.  We can live in harmony in a responsible manner.”  I create these paintings to provide a visual of what is going on with our planet, as well as what could be, as a reminder that we are all connected and should all do our part to preserve nature.  Read the interview here: http://www.theadvocate.com/acadiana/entertainment_life/patricia_gannon/article_f57aa1b8-0f15-11e7-8675-3f9ca702e2f4.html.


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