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Amy Guidry giving a talk at the New Orleans Museum of Art
Amy Guidry giving a talk at the New Orleans Museum of Art

I had a question from someone wanting to know my thoughts on his acceptance into a particular publication (Studio Visit, to be precise, which I have discussed before here).  Often when I would get my work featured in a certain show or a magazine, I would get questions as to whether that led to something bigger.  Because I don’t ever rely on just one opportunity, I can’t pinpoint or put some sort of quantitative measurement to it.  While it would be nice to come up with a specific formula that doing X + Y = Z, I find it is best to have a continuous cycle of productivity going.

I don’t believe there is ever one accomplishment that opens doors.  On rare occasion you hear of some now-famous artist that was discovered and then had a sold-out show.  These are the stories that artists hear and think “that could be me.”  For the overwhelming majority of artists, including the famous ones, it was a series of events that got them to where they are today.

So in the case of the artist that contacted me, I told him that it is not so much about being in the magazine, but what you do with it.

For example:

– Once he is published in the magazine, get extra copies to send to collectors

– If you can afford it, get additional copies for potential buyers as well (anyone that seems really interested in your work)

– Give copies of the magazine to galleries as part of your portfolio presentation

– Inform your local press (newspapers, radio, etc.) that you got into the magazine

Find ways to make the most of your accomplishments and extend their shelf-life.  No one opportunity will do it, but if you can make it snowball into more, you’ll increase your chances of getting bigger and/or more opportunities.


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