Are you passionate?

Amy Guidry discusses her work with viewers at the Paul & Lulu Hilliard Museum

Judging by my title, you’d think this was a quiz you’d find in Cosmo.  Actually, I read an article by Norm Brodsky in Inc. Magazine recently that inspired me to write this post.  He mentioned seeing a Rolling Stones concert, watching Mick Jagger performing at the age of 69, wondering how or even why he does it.  He’s not exactly hurting for money, he’s getting older- sorry, but true, and touring is a lot even for young kids, so why continue to do it?  Mr. Brodsky’s point- passion.  Clearly this man has passion for what he does.  I can completely relate.  While I am no Mick Jagger, I can completely relate to the need (yes, this is a need) to create.  That passion is what makes you get up everyday and do what you do, despite rejection, despite challenges, and despite just having a bad day in general, only to get up the next day and do it all over again.

There are some artists out there that give up because they didn’t get into a show or a particular gallery or their work didn’t sell like they expected.  There are those that give up because galleries are not knocking down their doors.  And there are those that continue to paint (or sculpt, or draw, etc.) but don’t ever expect anything to come of it.  If you are happy with that, that is perfectly fine, but if you want more for your art, then you’re going to have to give it your all.  Whatever you choose to do in life, that has to be your passion.  It has to be the thing you get up for everyday.  It has to be the thing you choose to do and do it well.  Be the best damn artist, baker, or candlestick-maker ever.  And it doesn’t stop there.  Don’t just master your craft, but also learn the skills required to make that business succeed.  Continue your education- no, I don’t mean go back to school, necessarily, but continue to learn through other sources such as the wonderful web.  And get out of your comfort zone.  Being successful at anything requires taking on new challenges or doing things we are not accustomed to.  Lastly, be flexible.  If something doesn’t go as expected, learn to adapt or figure out a new way of accomplishing the task at hand.

It seems like a given that you are passionate about your art, but that’s not always the case.  Figure out what it is that brings you joy and if need be, kick it into high gear.  Take charge of your [art] career.


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