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Two new paintings have been recently added to my In Our Veins series.  One you may recall I posted a progress shot of not too long ago and is now finally finished.  Systems is an acrylic on canvas, 6″ x 6″ and Unity is also an acrylic on canvas, 4″w x 6″h.  Systems was originally started in February of 2010 and as I stated earlier, it was one of those moments that I needed to step back from it for awhile.  I am particularly fascinated by the commonalities found in nature.  In Systems my focus was on the similarities between ant colonies and the human body, the intestines replaced by tunnels of ants as both serve as transports for nourishment among their other functions.  While Unity focuses on the connections between all life with butterflies representing life itself- beautiful, fragile, and here for a short time.  Both paintings can be found online here: and here:


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