New work: “Sequence”

"Sequence" by Amy Guidry; acrylic on canvas; 6"w x 12"h; (c) Amy Guidry 2011; SOLD

At last, I have finally finished another painting from the “In Our Veins” series.  I’m always looking for ways to improve, no matter how big or small, so I really focused on the textures in this piece.  Though you can’t really tell here, so be sure to go to my website for a better look, in addition to a zoom-in feature (the magnifying glass icon on the top right)-  The title is “Sequence” and it is an acrylic on canvas, 6″ wide by 12″ high.

Much of this series, as stated in my artist statement (which is posted on my website), deals with the life cycle so the title is in reference to that process.  Both life and death are represented, new life- plants, animals- are seen building upon each other, one leading to the next, which is also why I opted for a long, vertical composition.  The animals I chose follow, for the most part, a hierarchy of sorts as seen in nature.  Though it may be odd for a vegan to discuss this, but the animals depicted follow each other in the food chain (side note- as a vegan, I realize this is a fact of life, however I have a choice when it comes to what I eat).  The roses were an almost subconscious choice at first, but seemed appropriate for the piece given that we use roses to celebrate life as well as to honor those that have passed.

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