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“Heads II” by Amy Guidry; 12″ x 12″; acrylic on canvas;  Sold; (c) Amy Guidry 2011

My latest piece is now finished and online! I had some back problems to slow me down a bit, but managed to pull through. This is the most recent addition to my “In Our Veins” series. It is a 12″ x 12″ painting, acrylic on canvas, titled “Heads II.” It is related to a previous painting- “Untitled (Heads).” I recently discussed this one and wanted to share my thoughts behind it. The concept behind this piece, as with several of my paintings, is that of humans viewing nature as a means to an end. We view animals as pieces and parts- head, tongue, rump, rear, breast, wing, etc. If they are not referred to as parts, they are named something other than what they are- chickens are poultry, pigs are pork, cows are beef, etc. They are no longer acknowledged as animals, but as food. Others are treated as trophies to hang on a wall, or turned into “luxury items” to wear or carry things in. I see animals as sentient beings- living, breathing, thinking, with offspring of their own to care for.

While humans typically treat their fellow members of the animal kingdom as a means to an end, I depict them with personalities, or what others arrogantly deem as “human” qualities (as if only humans can express emotions). For instance, many of the animals I paint have eyes that appear “human,” in that you see the whites of the eyes, or they have lighter colored eyes and not large, dark doe eyes as typically associated with animals. Some animals are positioned in a dominant stance or their facial expression is calm and serene- again, qualities typically associated with only humans. In this painting, the animals are confident and staring directly at the viewer, demanding attention and acknowledgement.

For a larger view (much larger, thanks to my recent website redesign), visit the following link:

3 thoughts on “New painting”

  1. I think this is absolutely wonderful. I think the painting is amazing and I really agree with what you’re saying about animals. I think you have a great point about eyes, and I think it’s so true that they are usually portrayed as black dots, rather than things that can look back at you. Many people like to keep the barrier up and keep distance. Anyway, I just think this is an amazing painting and I am going to share it.

  2. Hi Alli, thanks so much for the kind words. Very good point about people putting up barriers and keeping distance. I’m hoping to break down some of those barriers!

  3. Not a problem! I definitely think you’re breaking down those barriers. It’s a very good thing! Also, this is the same Alli that’s AllisonBrattArt on Twitter. Just thought you might want to know the connection. 🙂

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