The Pack

I’ve just finished another painting in the “In Our Veins” series. This one is titled “The Pack” and is an acrylic on canvas, 20″ wide by 10″ high. I took “some” photos of the painting as I was working on it from start to finish. Going through them, I just think “UGH!” I’m happy with the end result, but I have to admit that my back, neck, and shoulders took a beating after pouring long hours into this one. For a closer look at the finished piece, visit this direct link: Pack.

Original drawing on canvas for "The Pack" by Amy Guidry
Initial rough layer of paint for "The Pack"
Finished rough layer of "The Pack" by Amy Guidry
Next layer of paint is added to the sky, intensifying the color
Sky has another layer of paint added, reaching the desired hue
Clouds are finished and have their final layer of paint added to brighten the whitest areas
Next layer of paint is added to the desert sand to smooth it out
Final layer of paint added to sand to bring out the details
Finishing touches are added to the desert- small rocks are added
Initializing the next layer to the cliffs in the background, starting on the left
Still working my way across the cliffs, adding paint, and then reworking details as I go
Cliffs are now finished, now on to the wolves, going left to right again
Working on wolf #1, adding another layer of paint, then cleaning up details as I go- hair, eyes, mouth, etc.
Wolf #1 just about done, started next layer on wolf 2 before I finish the front leg of wolf 1
Final details to wolf 2 added, then finished up the leg of wolf 1 since those fine hairs need to be added
Adding next layer of paint to wolf 3, focusing on the darkest areas first to build up the colors
Built up the darkest areas, now adding details- hairs along the back- and working in lighter tones
Finished details to wolf 3, now adding next layer to wolf 4, building up dark areas
Next layer of paint on wolf 4 complete, now adding hair detail, and lighter tones
Finished the hair details to wolf 4 as well as the detail in the feet
Finally at the last wolf, adding next layer of paint, adding darker tones
Building up the tones in the last wolf, adding details as well- face, eyes, hairs
Finished piece- "The Pack" by Amy Guidry; (c) Amy Guidry 2011

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