"The United States of Consumerism"- Amy Guidry, acrylic on canvas, (c) Amy Guidry 2011
"The United States of Consumerism"- Amy Guidry, acrylic on canvas, (c) Amy Guidry 2011

Today marks the opening of “Insatiable: Our Rapacious Appetite for More” at the Kniznick Gallery located in the Women’s Studies Research Center of Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. I’m excited to be a part of this show as well as showing at such a prestigious university. The opening will be next month, but the exhibition is up as of today. Sometimes it’s nice just to go to a show before the opening (i.e. crowds) to get a good look at the work. This is actually a juried exhibition which was curated by Judy Haberl, Professor of Sculpture at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. The show takes a look at consumerism in all forms- money, food, sex, power, etc. and the effects of such on our planet and its inhabitants. The exhibit is open now through March 15th, with the opening reception taking place on February 3, 2011 from 5-7:30pm.

And here is a list of participating artists: Edie Bresler, Donna Catanzaro, Marie Picard Craig, Marli Diestel, Anthony Fisher, Virginia Fitzgerald, Karen Frostig, Katerie Gladdys, Justin Goodall, Amy Guidry, Hope Hardesty, Max Heller, Rachael Jablo, Lauren Kalman, Sam Keller, Minsung Keyoung, Kirstin Lamb, Anne Lambert, Yvonne Love & Gabrielle Russomagno, So Yoon Lym, Leslie Macklin, Monika Malewska, Elizabeth Michelman, Mitzi Lynn Mize, Morrix, Nancy Morrow, Kathleen O’Hara, Anne Percoco, Rachel Bee Porter, Nina Prader, Gina Randazzo, Kayla Risko, Andrea Rosenthal, Alison Safford, Rosalie Ripaldi Shane, Kirsten Rae Simonsen, Gulin Sungur, Douglas Tausik,Dylan Vitone, Callie Wile, and April Wood

My painting, “The United States of Consumerism,” as seen above, will be part of the exhibition.  For more of my recent work, please visit

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