Sold (New Painting)

"Untitled" by Amy Guidry; SOLD; acrylic on canvas; (c) Amy Guidry 2010

I’m posting my latest painting… I had photos taken and it sold the very next day. So I never actually had it posted on here beforehand or on my website, So here’s the first look… This is “Untitled”, a 6″x 6″ painting from my “In Our Veins” series. It’s inspired by another painting from the same series- “Untitled (Heads).” As a vegan, I’m always perplexed/frustrated/disturbed by the concept of animals being nothing more than parts- head, hoof, breast, wing, rib, rump, the list goes on. Animals are viewed as merely a means to an end. So with “Untitled (Heads)” and this newest painting, “Untitled,” I wanted to convey this concept in a Surrealist manner. As with its predecessor, this is an acrylic on canvas. All the tiny hairs, spots, and eyes of the ram, squirrel, and turkey caused me to go through several 00 round brushes.  So several trips to Michaels later, here is the finished piece!

On another note, as a reminder I am having a contest to win one of my New Realm 5″ x 5″ paintings. To enter, sign up for my newsletter at this link- Sweepstakes. One out of the first 200 people to sign up will win!

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