Giving Thanks

This will be a short post today, but a fun one.  With Thanksgiving on my mind, I started thinking of things to give thanks to and wanted to share them with you.  In the spirit of this blog, I will keep them art related.  Okay, so let’s start:

Alyson Stanfield’s advice:  Though I am sad that her podcast is ending, I am thankful for her newsletters.  She has inspired, enlightened, and informed me (as well as countless other artists)- Art Biz Coach

Art Calendar Magazine:  I’ve been reading this magazine for art business professionals since I first became a professional artist.  It has truly shaped my career- Art Calendar

Sales Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips podcasts:  The name says it all- I can’t find a more concise resource to listen to weekly- Quick and Dirty Tips

Michaels art supplies stores: When I need a synthetic 00 round paintbrush (for those who don’t know- they are SUPER tiny brushes) and let’s face it, I go through one of those in a matter of days, it’s nice to be able to show up at 8:50pm and get a paintbrush (and they offer coupons!)- Michaels

I’m thankful to everyone that has been/is so supportive and encouraging of my art career.  I’m thankful to everyone that is a “fan” (or “like”- Facebook keeps changing it) on my Facebook Fanpage.  Your support has kept me going over the years and continues to do so.  THANK YOU!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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