Burden to Bear

"Burden to Bear" by Amy Guidry; SOLD; acrylic on canvas; (c) Amy Guidry 2010

I have a new painting to share- “Burden to Bear” (hmm, rhyming not intentional…). So I’ve been putting in some extra hours in my studio- sounds nicer than “overtime.” Anyway, this is another addition to my “In Our Veins” series and is an acrylic on canvas, 11″ wide by 14″ high. There are a lot of tiny details in this one that don’t translate well via jpegs much less a tiny photo on here. You can get a better look on my website. I love to hear what others feel about my work, but I’m going to go ahead and share a few of my own feelings about this piece. I am a vegan, and that does influence my work in subtle ways, some more so than others. I’m very concerned with the plight of nature and our planet. The animals and bones and skulls seen atop the “deer” are my own personal representations of those affected by the wrongs that we commit against others or the environment (be it land, animals, humans). I decided to keep it organic and not include nonliving things. I should also mention that throughout this series, pay special attention to the animals. Many of them have “human” qualities- such as animals with what would be considered “human-looking” eyes, or expressions, or their posture. I felt this gave them more significance, as I certainly consider them to be important. And to view the painting, please visit www.AmyGuidry.com.

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