Introducing my new painting Counterbalance. Multiple headed animals are present throughout Greek mythology, such as the 9-headed Hydra or 3-headed dog Cerberus. In Slavic mythology, there is the four-headed god of war and divination, Svantevit, while the Hindu god Brahma has four heads as well. Many cultures revere the tiger for symbolizing power, strength, and regality, viewing it as a representation of nature’s awe-inspiring force. Four is the number of order in the universe- the four elements earth, air, fire, and water; the four seasons; the four phases of the Moon. Four’s sacred geometry is a square- sturdy, solid and balanced. Whether representing the challenges and perseverance in life or the duality of existence, multi-headed mythical beings fascinate us across cultures and generations. In Counterbalance, the tiger’s strength and courage balance the labyrinth’s challenge and the complexity of life’s journey. Counterbalance is an acrylic on canvas, 8″ wide by 10″ high, and available on my website here:

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