Up for the Challenge

Doing a lot of research right now as I plan to include a dodo in a future painting. To clarify, this piece is by Roelant Savery and since it was painted in 1626, roughly 40 years before dodos were extinct, I think it should be fairly accurate. There are so many variations in the colors, the shape and size of the feathers, and even in the size of the dodo, and since there are no photographs, I’m combing over old illustrations that range from representational to cartoonish, photos of dried up remains, as well as images of parrots, pigeons, vultures, and chickens. It’s a bit of a daunting project, even though I normally paint realistic images of what isn’t real, I’ve at least seen these things in person to some extent. The challenge is not only to paint something I’ve never seen, but to bring it to life. I’m anxious and looking forward to the challenge at the same time.

Dodo painted by Roelant Savery in 1626


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