New Painting!

"Stallions" by Amy Guidry; acrylic on canvas; 6" x 6"; (c) Amy Guidry 2012

I’ve recently added a new painting to my In Our Veins series.  The title is Stallions and it is a 6″ x 6,” acrylic on canvas.  There are several paintings in this series which feature animals, but as heads without bodies, for example.  Because the series pertains to our complex and intricate life cycle, this must also address the issue of animal welfare, as one cannot exist without the other (i.e. humans and the natural world).  Many people view animals as a means to an end, therefore they are viewed as pieces and parts- head, rump, tongue, breast, wing, leg- not whole, sentient beings.  I illustrate this concept while at the same time endowing each animal with emotion and personality, emphasizing qualities that we often deem as only “human.”  Given that horses are such intelligent and majestic animals, I couldn’t think of a better subject.  You can view a larger image of the painting on my website at this direct link:


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