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Professional Artist Magazine, Dec/Jan 2012 issue

I’m excited to announce that I’m currently featured in Professional Artist Magazine (formerly Art Calendar Magazine) as part of their December/January issue.  The article is titled “Communicating Social Messages through Art, Partnership and Publicity” and was written by Renee Phillips, aka The Artrepreneur Coach.  I am honored to be a featured artist and to have had the opportunity to share some insight in this article.  If you’ve been following my work, you know that art is my passion but reaching people through my work is also incredibly important.  I strive to inspire others as well as get them thinking, talking, and acting upon issues that are of personal as well as social importance.  In addition, Renee makes a great point that it is up to the artists, no matter what their subject matter, to be proactive about getting their work out there.  I strongly agree and if you’ve checked out my previous posts on press releases, you understand why.  I can’t post the actual article but if you would like to read a modified version of it, you can check it out on Renee’s site at

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