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“Pervasive” by Amy Guidry; Acrylic on canvas; 10″w x 20″h; (c) Amy Guidry 2017
“Sentience” by Amy Guidry; Acrylic on canvas; 6″ x 6″; SOLD; (c) Amy Guidry 2017

I’ve just finished both paintings previously featured while in progress.  Pervasive and Sentience will both be on exhibit for the opening at LeMieux Galleries in New Orleans tomorrow (June 3, 2017).  Pervasive has been a long time in the making.  I’m sometimes asked if living in Louisiana affects my work.  Given that my work deals with the welfare of our planet, many of the issues that Louisiana faces (habitat loss, flooding, BP oil spill, hurricanes) are something that I cover but on more of a global scale.  Pervasive is one of the most direct pieces I’ve done, focusing on the conservation of Louisiana wildlife and wetlands.  The BP oil spill not only affected the wildlife of Louisiana, but it continues to affect the wildlife of rest of the world to this day as bird and sea animals continue to migrate.  It may be asking a lot of a painting, but I hope that it has a big impact.

Sentience was specifically created for the “Face to Face” exhibit opening at LeMieux Galleries.  The exhibit features a range of interpretations of portraiture.  In Sentience, the butterflies represent the beauty and fragility of life, while the third eye represents enlightenment.  The eye is a human eye, referring to the fact that we are all members of the animal kingdom, and can see a bit of ourselves in the personalities of other animals.  Sentience is an acrylic on canvas, 6″wide by 6″high.

Both paintings will be on view tomorrow, June 3rd for the opening reception from 6-8pm.  The exhibit will remain up through July 29th, 2017.

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