And Here’s a Little More About Me…

Artist Amy Guidry
Artist Amy Guidry

I’m an artist; I paint, paint, and paint some more; I like to make art; I like to look at art; I dream about art; I’m pretty sure every cell in my body is devoted to art; I’m not much of a writer, but I love art enough to write about it; I’m a vegan; I love animals; I love nature; I rescue stray animals and find them a home, which usually ends up being my own; I love to cook; I love to read, usually nonfiction; I love the fantastic, the whimsical, and the dramatic; I love music- I can listen to Basia Bulat, Mozart, Public Enemy, and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs all in one day; I paint while listening to music or the news; Sometimes I listen to Christmas music in the summer; If I’m not listening to music, I have random songs running through my head- I am my own jukebox; I love fashion; I love design; I love anything that is well-executed and well-crafted; I can impersonate Marge Simpson; I have a scar under my left eye from a dog bite when I was a kid; But I love dogs; I love cats, too; I only drink water; I don’t drink alcohol; I love to exercise and lift heavy weights; I used to hate running and now I do it all the time; I have a sweet tooth (hence the exercise); I love vegan Thai food; I have a weakness for french fries; I’m double-jointed; I love to paint and share my work with the world; I love to paint; I really love to paint.

And this is what my professional biography looks like this:

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8 thoughts on “And Here’s a Little More About Me…”

  1. Wow Love your work! You art is sensational. Saw you were in the Lagrange when I tried to follow a link wound up here. Best wishes to your artistic endeavors Tony

    “A man will see with his eyes, but an artist sees with his vision” (Murray)

  2. I love your work it’s so amazing! Your so pretty!! I stumbled upon it when I was searching for images of work in the LaGrange art exhibition. I have a ring in that exhibition titled “Orange Ring.” I go to Central Washington University and my focus is Jewelry. I’ve taken painting classes with Margo Selski who also does surreal work. I am taking painting right now and am terrible at it~!!

  3. Hi Kathryn, Thanks so much for your kind email. Congrats on getting into the LaGrange exhibit! I wish that I could have been at the opening, but I’m busy preparing for a show next week. I checked out your professor’s work- I love it! What a great teacher!

  4. It was nice learning lots of little things about you! We definitely have some things in common. 🙂

  5. Thanks, Alli! This is based on what my friend and I did in our high school yearbooks, which was called dot-dots. We’d just write phrases, or names of places or events, or boys (!) that were of significance to us at the time. It was a fun rambling of everything so I applied it to my “bio.”

  6. Hi, Mrs. Amy Guidry. My name is Kyla Arceneaux and I am looking for advice and guidance starting a new career in art. I have a strong passion for pursuing in an art career that I know I will enjoy doing for years. I would love to fit in a position to learn and grow with my passion in art. I am willing to take any offer of jobs that are available in your business. Thank you!

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